Florian Diebner


Starting out in eSports in Warcraft 3 in 2003, he is the theorycrafting enthusiast in the team.Regarding World of Warcraft, he always tries to be one of the top healers in the game for many years now, mostly known for his skills as a Holy Paladin.

Starting out as a hardcore PvE-Player but switched to PvP only in 2014 after he decided to stop raiding with his former Guild.

His achievements include:

  • Rank 1 in Season 26,27,29 and 30
  • multiple Gladiator titles since 2009
  • multiple Realmfirst Bosskills
  • multiple World Top 20 Bosskills in PvE
  • multiple Arena World Championship Cup appearances, placing 9th to 5th
  • 1st place WCAL 3vs3 Tournament
  • 2nd place LOSE&WINON WC3 1vs1 Tournament

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